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Friday, July 31, 2009

Alma - Onde se encontra?/ Soul - where is it to be found?

Alma. Existe? Está no meu pé, cabeça, plexo solar? Onde? Diz-se que a controvérsia mística se extende a milênios. Todos sabemos e sentimos que interiormente (ou exteriormente) existe alguma coisa que se faz presente nos nossos momentos mais meditativos. Todos lemos em algum lugar desta ou daquela filosofia que diz que o homem é de natureza espiritual e e Alma aparece em grande parte de suas discussões. Como é experenciar a Alma?

Soul. Is it real? Is it to be found in my feet, head, solar plexus? Where? It is said that the metaphysical controversy has been going on for ages. We all know and feel, that deep down or way out, there is someThing that makes Its presence known in our moments of meditation. We've all read somewhere in this or that philosophical tradition that man is spiritual and that the Soul rears its beautiful head in most of the discussions. I wonder what it is like to experience the Soul?

Thursday, July 30, 2009

On Swine Flu, On Influenzae, On Bugs

Yes, it has seeped down, rather, floated down to the south to cause us alarm this swine flu pandemic. Left a death trail and now... Now, it is floating back up to cause panic in the United States.

Needless to say that we have to take measures not to acquire the evil bug.

There are simple things you can do (from WHO and CDC): wash your hands frequently, at least ten times a day; eat healthy; allow yourself to rest by sleeping tight (or, luckily, if you must be awake, make sure it is worthwhile, otherwise, do not hesitate, catch the Zz's); think positively; visualize yourself with a beautiful, healthy body and smile.

I doubt the aitches will get anywhere near you if you take those simple steps.

Healthily forward, folks.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

On Metallic Smiles

I had to ask my orthodontist, Luciane, why this sudden braces fever. Everywhere you look in Porto Alegre, you will see people wearing metallic smiles. Clic clic.

My dentist said that this is all because of the great number of university students fresh out of college who need a job, and the profusion of specialization courses available out there.

She also said something about the Cultural Industry - the Internet, magazines, TV/Movies and Aesthetics - imposing new styles. Crooked teeth? No way! Darkened teeth? No can do.
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Monday, July 27, 2009

On Weeding Out Corruption/Sobre Como Eliminar Corrupção

Tenho que falar sobre isso. Corrupção. Existe em todo lugar. Aqui na Terrinha, lá em nível federal e pelo mundo afora. Por que, por que, por que? Ganância. As pessoas, a gente ouve, fazem horrores para se dar bem com o dinheiro do povo. Vamô se dá bem é o mantra. Depois, eu imagino, a sensação de perigo que isso ocasiona, adrenalina no sangue, cristalização no físico, vira vício. Desvencilhar-se depois é difícil. Contudo, escolho pensar que um dia isso vai mudar, caso contrário terei de pedir para os caras pararem o planeta para eu poder descer na próxima parada. Deve haver um ouro lugarzinho. É infinitamente imenso lá.

Really. We have got to talk about it. Everywhere we turn, it's there. Gosh! Corruption. Here in my neck of the woods, in my country at large, and we've read in the papers all over the world. Just recently in the US, they dismantled a gang of politicians, a young mayor, twenty-one days into his office, and a group of (five!) Rabbis. Are you kidney me? I chalk it up to the adrenaline in the blood, the sensations that it must engender in your body and then greed, of course. Public money is the norm. Lemme have some of it. Despite all the gloomy prospects, i choose to believe that it will all change somehow otherwise i'm going to have to ask them to stop the world for me to get off at the next stop. Surely there must be a place out there. It's so big.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

I Welcome Myself

Well, I welcome myself to this new blog. I remember I had one but I have lost my password for ever into cyberactuallity. I have to remember to locate myself in space and time.

It is now winter 2009 - July 25, precisely. I will post here stuff I (i) deem important. Obviously you will agree or disagree.

Today, Saturday, i am happy to announce that i find myself in good spirits and happy with the way things are going in my life. About time. I have been through a rough patch. Argh!. Everyone is happy that i have been able to rise above the muddle. Thank you All.