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Saturday, July 25, 2009

I Welcome Myself

Well, I welcome myself to this new blog. I remember I had one but I have lost my password for ever into cyberactuallity. I have to remember to locate myself in space and time.

It is now winter 2009 - July 25, precisely. I will post here stuff I (i) deem important. Obviously you will agree or disagree.

Today, Saturday, i am happy to announce that i find myself in good spirits and happy with the way things are going in my life. About time. I have been through a rough patch. Argh!. Everyone is happy that i have been able to rise above the muddle. Thank you All.

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  1. Note to myself: No, I am not going to write in two languages. I will write only in English as of now. I have noticed that my blog is not read in Brazil but rather appreciated by the blogosphere from overseas. It's a shame. I like the sound of my native tongue: its cadences, rhythm and pitch. A delight to the ears.