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Monday, July 27, 2009

On Weeding Out Corruption/Sobre Como Eliminar Corrupção

Tenho que falar sobre isso. Corrupção. Existe em todo lugar. Aqui na Terrinha, lá em nível federal e pelo mundo afora. Por que, por que, por que? Ganância. As pessoas, a gente ouve, fazem horrores para se dar bem com o dinheiro do povo. Vamô se dá bem é o mantra. Depois, eu imagino, a sensação de perigo que isso ocasiona, adrenalina no sangue, cristalização no físico, vira vício. Desvencilhar-se depois é difícil. Contudo, escolho pensar que um dia isso vai mudar, caso contrário terei de pedir para os caras pararem o planeta para eu poder descer na próxima parada. Deve haver um ouro lugarzinho. É infinitamente imenso lá.

Really. We have got to talk about it. Everywhere we turn, it's there. Gosh! Corruption. Here in my neck of the woods, in my country at large, and we've read in the papers all over the world. Just recently in the US, they dismantled a gang of politicians, a young mayor, twenty-one days into his office, and a group of (five!) Rabbis. Are you kidney me? I chalk it up to the adrenaline in the blood, the sensations that it must engender in your body and then greed, of course. Public money is the norm. Lemme have some of it. Despite all the gloomy prospects, i choose to believe that it will all change somehow otherwise i'm going to have to ask them to stop the world for me to get off at the next stop. Surely there must be a place out there. It's so big.


  1. Hey babe, I must agree with you. Not only in the matter that embraces corruption, but also about hoping. It is so big out there, and there might be "big" people to start changing and challenging. Why dont we start?

  2. We ought to, by enlightening our friends in the Fourth Power that we have to think out of the box. People got the power!