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Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Clock is Ticking - Be Green in Copenhagen

The Clock is ticking…

On Saturday, August 29, with the sun beating down on lake Guaíba and people enjoying their day walking and exercising a long its margin, the Gasômetro building, a cultural center sitting majestically on its shore, was the host for the launching of the Campaign Against Climate Change. The campaign which is taking place nationwide and which is organized by groups like the AVAAZ.ORG, The World Wide Fund and Greenpeace aims to bring awareness to global warming and to change the way current policies are made when it comes to Climate Change. Attendees and passers-by were encouraged to sign a petition and an outsized banner both of which will be taken to the Brazilian Congress.

Also, campaigners hope leaders at the United Nations sign a real and effective treaty with legal responsibility and real goals that can be monitored and hopefully be accomplished at the next Climate Change Summit, to be held in Copenhagen, Denmark, on December 7th - 18th this year.

The lake itself which has just been the subject of a referendum in that people were asked to vote Yes or No for real estate development on its margins, seems a like a fitting backdrop for climate change discussions. Natives of Porto Alegre voted and gave the motion a resounding NO!

Now, as for the future of the Earth and its climate, only time will tell.

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