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Sunday, August 30, 2009

On A Revolution in a Kiss

Photo: Mauro Paim

The Redenção Park in Porto Alegre, a meeting point for many on sunny Sundays, was today the stage for the Brazilian League of Lesbians who took their fight to the streets to bring awareness to their cause.

On their agenda: more visibility and political inclusiveness for women; a new society free from all prejudice and respectful to diversity and people’s sexual orientation; an end to violence against women and more down-to-earth demands like medicines for sick inmates at the local women’s detention center.

The same park was the backdrop for this year’s mini gay pride parade, named Disobey! which took place in June.

Many couples danced to Brazilian music and exchanged affectionate kisses. Bystanders, gay and straight, long used to watching scenes like this, joined  in the action and sambaed away to Nilce's superb performance popular Brazilian hits.

Porto Alegre is now famous for its gay-friendly atmosphere and proud of its many achievements regarding gay rights.

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