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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Citizen Journalism And New Discoveries

There is one thing we can do now that we know the Internet will be used in political campaigns. Naturally, politicians are catching up with the trend and hope to get the best out of it. As citizens, we will be bombaded with information from all sides of the political spectrum. That is to be expected. It falls to us, those who have access to the Internet, to monitor and perhaps filter what we are going to be forwarding our friends. One thing is certain: our inboxes are no dumpsters.

We should use this new invention to propagate ideas that are worthy of mention bearing in mind that in politics it is always more of the same old, same old. We have now learned that there is only one agenda on government’s minds, and that is the economy. “It’ the economy, stupid!” said Bill Clinton. All right, we understand that for us to be able to help our disadvantaged brothers and sisters we have to generate income, that is, make money. Of course, we have to make money where it abounds, and that is the Market. Yes, we should follow the path of sustainable growth, too. After all, we do not want to leave a desert as our legacy to future generations. And we read elsewhere that those big multinational concerns are investing heavily in alternative sources of energy.

Energy? Which, by the way, reminds us of the billions of barrels of oil under our soil, rather, sea. The pre-salt layer, it is called. Much is being said about it and much is being made of it. Could it be that every Brazilian’s fortune is now about to change? Are we suddenly, a decade, they say, going to become the new arrivistes in the international oil scene? if we do, allow me to go get that new line of LV travelware in Paris. Toss that backpack.

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