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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Climate Change Summit at the UN, Copenhagen Next. Are We on the Same Page?

President Barack Obama:

"The time to reverse this tide is running out."

President Obama's call is vehement and to the point. That is, if we want to be part of this ever increasing trend to save the environment. Further parapharasing the head of state, bold action is needed if we are to leave future generations a safer planet. A lot has been accomplished but more progress needs to be made, he says. However, steps towards renewable energy such as solar panels, wind turbines, fuel economy and the cleaning-up of coal plants in the U.S. have to be taken. These are sweeping and necessary changes. Difficulty is no excuse for inaction and that all of us must do what we can.

Scouring the media, we will find that sustainable growth is the catchphrase and partnerships are a must. As is expected, countries like China, Brazil, India and Mexico, all of them emerging markets, have a lot to contribute when it comes to Climate Change. When talking of Brazil, what comes immediately to mind is the Amazon and how to develop the forrest sustainably.

Veja Magazine touches on the issue by sending reporters to the jungle. Their job: to take the pulse of the latest developments in sustainability. They conclude that no amount of political action or paperwork will do anything to reverse the tide of destruction that plagues the Amazon if we do not factor in the people who make a living out of the forest. A possible solution: by paying attention to their needs and making sure they get basic infrastructure, we will be making a safe bet that the future of that vast expanse of trees and biodiversity is assured.

Meanwhile, individual action is required if are to put the kibosh on the degradation of the environment. By curbing our consumerist impulses, especially if we hail from more devoloped areas of the world, might help. Our landfills are packed tight with our refuse and rich nations resorting to the exporting of their unwanted toxic waste. Where does it end up? Right on Brazilian shores - only to be shipped back later with a note: We do not want your trash.


  1. Hi. Thanks for visiting my blog and following. I am glad you support environmental initiatives. We really need everyone on board if we can make a change that really impacts the future and brings us to a place where we respect and value nature again. Keep up the good work.