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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

If you Are Going To Buy That Luxury Car And You Are Black, Beware!

Luxury cars a democratic right?No. Not in Brazil. Specially if you are black.

This one guy, Januario Santana, while waiting for his wife and kids at the parking lot of a Carrefour chain in São Paulo, was beaten senseless by security guards who accused him of trying to break into his own car.

Henry Louis Gates in the U.S, you say? Yes, bears similarity to the famous American case where the one Harvard professor was hard pressed to say that no, he wasn’t trying to break into his own home. Culminating in the Beer Summit as you all know. On the blogosphere, however, The Januário case in São Paulo sparked heated and sometimes ironic debate as to whether Brazilians are racist or not.

I would go one better and say that we are covert racists. And as mentioned in one of the previous posts on this blog, blacks have a long road ahead of them when it comes to human rights. Everybody knows it. Mr Santana, poor thing, is now considering suing both the retailer and the state of São Paulo for the act of violence against him and get rid of his EcoSport – considered a luxury buy in this country.

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