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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

On Good Living

We have a lot to learn when it comes to living in community. We often tend to allow our darker side to creep in when no one is looking. Often we are downright disrespectful to other people’s rights. That way, we can say we are lagging behind on the evolutionary road. There are, thankfully, little things we can do to make our stay on this planet more pleasant to ourselves and to others. A few items to be followed:

- When we’re out walking our dogs, we should always strive to pick up after they’ve done their business. Children coming to play in the park will not be exposed to your pet’s residues.
- When we’re smoking (which we shouldn’t, we all know very well why), we should try and look for an ashtray or a place where we can dispose of the stub safely. I know you want to look cool on school campuses everywhere by puffing (and huffing, believe me, afterwards) and making anecdotal comments on whatever is going on with this professor or that strange co-student with a bit of brain. And never should you, please, toss that stub in dried up parks. We might cause blazes as in California, Greece and Australia.
- That proverbial beer can (beer?) out the car window is a no-no. We’ve got to remember that is beyond the pale. Spitting out the bus window – not unless you are choking on your own thoughts or that cookie you should not be eating anyway.
- Littering public places? Jamais. Jahmay. We do it when we know there is nobody around and we say to ourselves “ah, it’s just this once”, which becomes a habit.
- If we live in a building, we have to always take care of our fellow dwellers by being careful when opening doors to our deliveries and people we do not know or we are about to meet for the first time. Have people call you in advance.
- If we are to spread malicious rumors, let us make sure that it finds its death at our doors, right after we have ascertained that it is just that, malice. Of course we are always vigilant to community alerts.
- And the nicest of all, whenever we can, we should look for opportunities to help and serve the wider community by doing charity work or by doing something to ourselves which will reverberate in the greater good.

You are very much welcome to add to the list above and remember that good living begins at home.

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