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Sunday, September 13, 2009

On Lake Guaíba/Sobre o Lago Guaíba

Some people call it a lake, most everyone call it a river, and for some, an estuary. It may be the three all rolled into one for us Porto Alegrenses. I've decided to go and take a walk by the lake and capture a bit of "footage" for your delight. I wish I could be followed by a van and a retinue of assistants carrying satellite dishes and what not. I wish the quality of the videos were better. Sorry about that. I'm using a regular photo cam. I know I am phased-out mediatically speaking. That will not stop me from experimenting, you know. So, the first video is from the top of a building. Have a look and then tell me what you think. Ah, remember: we can always use the tools at our disposal like Google, Bing, Ask, Wikipedia, for more information about Porto Alegre.

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