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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Another Gay Pride Parade?

You people seem to live on gay prides, right? No, it is just that in Rio and Porto Alegre they are belated events. They happen late in the year whereas in Sao Paulo and in the United States, they happen mid-year.

It so happens that on this Sunday, November 1st, Rio de Janeireans, we call them Cariocas, will have their turn to march to the sound of beats and dazzling performances for rights and all the old stuff we so much want and claim as legitimate rights. Their theme: I have the right to live and love freely. A fair claim, we say.

It will be their 14th Gay Pride Parade. we read elsewhere that the Governor of Rio himself was there last year to lend support to the LGBT cause. A great do.

The South Side of Rio is up in flags bracing, err, preparing for the onslaught of the old and young ones flying and being bussed in from Sao Paulo and other towns around this area to witness this important event for the city.

The city? Yes, tons of money is spent when all this people come in and naturally, business rejoice at the prospect of having the flood of customers in for the parade. I would, too.

Check their site:


  1. Happy Halloween to You! Ghoul friend!

  2. Post-Event:

    Thousands on hand on Atlantica avenue to see the floats go by. Usual rhetoric.A few important people connected to the ruling state government. People partying and some being robbed. I was left without my money. Luckily, I found my wallet lying a few yards. Credit cards and ID still intact. My shades went, too.

    Needless to say from devastation to elation. Emotions raw.

  3. My wallet was found lying a few yards away and no, there weren`t any dazzling performances. The floats were covered because of the rain. A punky affair.