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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Another World is Possible

At least in theory. This is what the WSF – World Social Forum – has been trying to say for ten years now.

The World Social Forum, a democratic space for the debate of ideas where imperialism and capitalism are off the table and where people are invited to contribute with their ideas for a better and just society for everyone, first started in Porto Alegre, RS, in 2001. From then on, it only got momentum and spread globally.

On January 25-29, 2010, it will be back in Porto Alegre. If you wanted an excuse to come and visit, this is it. You will be joined by people from the world over. People who have different ideas and projects as to how the world should be run.

In all the editions, the first three held in Porto Alegre, the forum saw the likes of Noam Chomsky, President Inácio Lula da Silva, then candidate (2001), and a variety of other world luminaries who dared to speak against the yoke of big corporations and the rampant plundering of the world’s resources.

Surely next year we will be hearing a lot of discussions about climate change (The Copenhagen Summit will have just finished) and the perilous state the world is in and, no doubt, the Palestinian-Israeli dichotomy, the ill-fated American wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the reduction of deforestation in the Amazon. A lot on their plate.

Want to track their progress?

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  1. Mauro, I had not idea the WSF has mad it this easy to keep track of what they were working on, not that many people in the states would care. Thanks for the link to their wiki.