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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

For Those Who Love Books

You are what you read. You read, therefore you are.

It just happens to be underway, in Frankfurt, Germany, from 14-18 October, if you want to take note of the fact.

The Frankfurt Book Fair is a major trade fair that has been happening for the last five hundred years. An event made possible by the invention of the movable type printing by Johannes Gutenberg.

It is an interesting milestone on the calendar of world publishing in that books are the plats du jour. Books, books, books. I mean books, media, rights and licenses with about eight thousand exhibitors from one hundred countries. A huge gathering. It is beautiful for book lovers because it is a veritable treasure find. It something akin to finding King Solomon’s Mines. Miles of corridors to be walked. And admired.

Every year the Fair pays homage to a country. In 2009, China is the Guest of Honor. Germans and the world will have a chance to see that country's literature – there must be a lot to show.

This year, however, besides spotlighting on the Guest of Honor and its vibrant literary landscape, the Fair will also zero in on Education for the Future and on Creative Content, that is, work linked to both publishing and other creative industries and new partnerships for pioneering the digital future. Attendees will have a lot to see.

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