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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Is the Soul in the Brain?

Soul. Is it real? Is it to be found in my feet, head, solar plexus? Where? It is said that the metaphysical controversy has been going on for ages.

We all know and feel, that deep down or way out, there is someThing that makes Its presence known in our moments of meditation. We've all read somewhere in this or that philosophical tradition that man is spiritual and that the Soul rears its beautiful head in most of the discussions.

I wonder what it is like to experience the Soul? If I touch myself, do I touch my S/soul? If I smoke, will It smoke as well?

What if one day we could all download our innermost processes onto a memory stick? Then decide to put it away for safe keeping. Uploading them back onto our brains when needed?

That is not far from reality. We have all seen injured soldiers back from the wars where they are reduced to fractions of what they used to be and then fitted with gleaming prosthetics they look part-men, part-machines. Veritable cyborgs. Iron-men.

What if Mary Baker Eddy was right? There is no Life in materiality. Materiality is fuelled by God (cosmic energy). Ergo, it is subject to my Mind. That so?

Better start thinking good thoughts, constructive ones, just to be on the safe side of things.

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  1. I don't think the soul is any particular place, but that we all, if we allow ourselves to experience it, are in it. The universe, I believe, is one large amoebic entity, and that that entity is GOD, and as parts of it, we are all godly. This is what I believe and feel; though until I die, I will never really know. The soul I feel I have may simply be a distinct wiring of synapses, but I hope not.