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Saturday, October 17, 2009

On Rio Violence. Will There Ever Be an End?

Incredible images out of Rio de Janeiro when we watch on TV that a police helicopter has been shot down by drug lords on the hills of the Wonderful City. This time two policemen were killed.

The helicopter had tried an emergency landing on the soccer pitch of Vila Olimpica de Sampaio before catching fire. This is actually the culmination of a week-long ordeal with police raids and shoot-outs.

People are trying to solve this problem by shooting from the hip in disputes for drug sales at the Macacos (Monkeys) Hill, in the north zone of the city.

Four buses were set on fire. People have been found dead in a car on a road leading to the community. Chaos and panic reigning in the bullet-ridden reality of the favela.

At the time, 120 policemen were in operation at the place.

The festering wound on Rio's image is its poverty. People have no hope of getting anywhere other than they have already reached and drug lords offering a way out. We get death.

Now that everyone is happy that the city has been chosen to host the 2016 Olympic Games.

Besieged by violence, the city trudges on.

Video by André Souza

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