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Thursday, October 22, 2009

On Violence Against Women. Sad Truths

Women, love them or hate them. I love them.

Not so, apparently, do some disgruntled males in the United States. If violence perpetraded against women is the plat du jour in the daily servings of the American media, one is led to think that there is something wrong with north-american men.

Women are not just shot, clubbed or hacked to death but their remains are stuffed in suitcases and thrown into dumpsters. Not to mention babies that are ripped from their wombs as they lie dead.

Now there is something to be said about a pattern that has been developing for a long time. Worrisome. One would have thought that in a supposedly advanced society anger and its corollaries would be a thing of the past.

No way! It is very today and it may be happening as we write. Girls, do something to protect yourselves. And if we cast our attention to the Middle East, we read (and watch) that women are literally disfigured by acid thrown on their faces by suitors who may have been rejected. And now, ten women are supposed to have been murdered by a serial killer in a small town in the same country mentioned above. Sadly, by their ethnicity, black, their plight might go, it is hinted, under-reported and under-investigated. Go figure.

Meanwhile, in the world, things are happening all in the name of some power or some money or some other agenda. Heavens guide us!

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