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Friday, October 16, 2009

On writing Blogs

Kudos to technology! We’re now able to write blogs and feel good about it.

There’s more, we have to “importune” (notice the word I used) our friends to find time to read what we write - which can be interesting or boring. Of course I know that not everyone in our mailing list has broadband or is familiar with the novelty. Or, personal experience, interested.

I have had the closest of friends telling me that they have not found the time to take a peek at what I have been doing over these past three months. Not a peep. You may feel the same.

We've got to be patient and wait for the blog fever to catch on in our neighborhood. It is just like Facebook (I'm on there. Want to add me? Feel free). We all catch up with it and start looking for folks we used to know years ago.

Further afield, we hope to be writing interesting stuff so that we can be sure of other bloggers following us. Man alive! There are thousands out there. Which is good and bad. Good because we have the chance to get to know so many people and whatever kicks they get out of life, and bad because we may overlook the good ones because we don't know about their being there.

No matter, we will keep our writing coming and regale all the other bloggers with new and interesting stuff to add to their knowledge. The experience is mostly positive, you betcha!


  1. Great post! Indeed, I too have friends and family who can't seem to find the time to look at what I post, but have also found some 'blog-friends' out there from all over who have.

  2. Mauro, most of my friends don't check my blog at all. In fact only one does, but I've found lots of great people in the blogging community that stop by and I've only been blogging since August. They make all the work and effort worth it, even if I didn't love it myself.

  3. Apologies are in order. Two of my friends are here, following me, listed and everything. Now, it is true that there is a bunch of nice people out there, like ourselves, who will be supportive of our writing. Right, they make all the work and effort worth it.