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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pride in Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil

Do we folks have Pride Parade like you do in the United States and in the United Kingdom, with thousands of people turning out to say: "Yes, we're out, get used to it. We're here to stay?"

Yes, we do.

Porto Alegre will host this year's Pride parade on Sunday, October 25th, at the Redenção (as in Redemption) Park.

The park is a meeting point for rallies, protests and the like and this is also the place where porto-alegreans go on Sunday afternoons to chat with their friends and to enjoy their Matte tea.

Surely, it is nothing like the parades in São Paulo that attract millions, or to be rivaled with those of New York, San Francisco, Rio de Janeiro (Rio's is on November 1st, this year) and in other major cities around the world, let us be honest. Nonetheless, the LGBT community is out in force, literally.

To give you an idea, the parade has become so popular that you will be hard pressed to find a place to stand amongst those old ladies and their grandchildren there to watch the extravaganza as it rolls by. Where else would you see scantily dressed young men and done-up trans and she-males on floats with music blaring to the nth decibel?

One nice thing I have noticed is that the number of young gay people, teens to early twenties, boys as well as girls, holding hands and skittering to and fro in the crowd. You would never have seen this 10 years ago. Times are changing. For the better.


  1. Sounds fantastic. And chance of picture of the event? Sometimes, even in the LGBT community, size doesn't matter nearly as much as the courage and the heart.

  2. Great! I look forward. In my small town, there is no pride march. I miss that, from when I marched in the NYC march every year.

  3. I am glad you have a well supported march complete with young people. That's very cool. I'd enjoy some pics, too. Although I have never been in a march, and am not really a "marcher".

  4. Mauro, sounds like a great time. Pictures Please! Here in NH, Stan and I would have to travel about thirty miles west to go to a small march in Concord. I've been to several marches, when I was younger, and it was always one of the best experiences of the year. Have fun and enjoy yourself!