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Thursday, October 1, 2009

You Do the Crime, You Do the Time

We hear of celebrities of this or that ilk being carted off to prison and we commiserate with them. We feel their pain. Let us all remind ourselves that celebrities are human beings and human beings make stupid mistakes – that get back to haunt them big time. Mistakes (those mistakes!), you see, are a horrible thing. If only they would keep quiet and never rear their ugly head. But they will. It is embarrassing even, mind you, because they will pop out when you least expect them…Remember that thing you did when you thought no one was looking? That one. Yes, it will come back to pester you. Oh, c’mon, it was a tiny lie, or it was just a nickel…

Life, those who are concerned with Spirituality tell us, is all about action and reaction. It is kinda like you do the crime you do the time. Karma, some say. I have grown to believe that it is so. Obviously, this is my opinion. You may disagree. Which is all fine by me. Thank Heavens for diversity.

What to say of politicians who plunder public coffers and act hypocritically? Those forever tarnish their descendants. The priceless looks we see on the faces of those who are economical with the truth…And why is it that we demonize sexuality of whatever kind and then flog our elected officials for being “guilty” of not being able to curb their very human impulses. We should standardize it in a way that we no longer stone our leaders for having a go with that young girl. Or boy? They are always younger…please do not overlook that fact. Gay or straight.

History, oh, History is tyrannical with evil-doers. Can you imagine not being able to go out and enjoy the sunshine or just an ice-cream in the park because you fear nasty looks? Some people, we watch on TV, are living just like that. Why not adhere to what is wholesome and politically correct to the eyes of everyone? Why take the shorter road? Now you know, you do the crime you do the time. Sooner, rather than later. And just because you are a celebrity do you think you can get away with whatever? ‘Course not!


  1. Roman Polanski certainly needs to do his time. I thought it was insulting to see celebs defending him, "because he has such a commitment to the arts," or "this happened thirty years ago," or "isn't it a little late to bring him to justice." He was convicted in a court of law thirty years ago and fled before sentencing. He is a convict and a coward and he deserves to be brought in for proper sentencing and incarceration. It says all the wrong things about our world that a convicted molester has been leading a normal life for thirty years, instead of serving his sentence.

  2. We are led to believe that the moneyed have a justice of their own, isn't it? In this country, for example, rarely will the rich (or the famous) do the time. It is sad.