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Friday, November 20, 2009

2012 and the Great Alignment. Have You Made Any Plans?

Earth’s magnetic poles to reverse.

And that has created a lot of noise in the pseudo-scientific community. Will the world come to an end in the Winter Solstice, 2012? We do not know.

However, an event of great cosmic significance is said to be about to happen in our universe. According to ancient texts and folklore – Hopi Indians – Nostradamus – Isaac Newton, and check out the video here, FoxNewsChannel, all refer to this development in our near future.

A book has been written about it. I am not telling you to buy the book but the title is interesting: The Complete Idiot’s Guide to December 2012. Is this all utter nonsense or is there some ring of truth to this? Some people mock the fact and say it is fable.

What if there is something to it and the world does come to an end? What are we to do? What am I going to miss most about this Earth? The least? To whom shall I address my enquiries? My fears?

Will the alignment cause changes on the planet akin to those in the past in which entire species disappeared? Will our self-contained human community be just dig-uppable evidence some millions of years down the road?

Image at the top of the post: Aztec Calendar.
The Aztec calendar was an adaptation of the Mayan calendar.


  1. i don'y really believe this. but the mayans were an extremely intelligent people. it makes for an exciting story...

  2. At age 64 I have already come to terms with my own mortality. It is those who are clinging to the concept of eternal life and religious bullshit that are having a hard time accepting their final breath. If it comes to an end in a sudden shifting of the poles, the world doesn't come to an end, we humans do, and other species will take our place. It doesn't worry me in the leastl.

  3. E uma bobagem pensar nestas coisas...absurdo, um jeito de burros..só isso.

  4. Mauro, I think the hype surrounding the pole switch is just a distraction and shows how easily people can be fooled and controlled by other people.

    The worst kind of prophecy is not the foretelling of the end of the world, the worst is the self fulfilling prophecy of a malleable mind.