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Saturday, November 7, 2009

On the Bestial Behavior of Some Un-Enlightened South-siders in Rio

If you are the kind of traveller who is methodical and pragmatic you will hate the Carioca (native of Rio) laissez-faire. Actually, it's a dolce far niente more than it is hands on.

If you watch carefully, you will notice that when people go dog-walking they will not pick up after their beasts have done their business. You will hate it to the nth degree if you are the one to step on it. Period.

One would have thought that the wealthy had slightly better manners. Sadly, that is not the case in the south side of Rio. Not to mention the fact that they expose their maids (house help) to the gravest of dangers when they have them clean up the windows. You see the poor women (and men) hanging on for dear life on the high rises - with no safety gear at all. It is malevolent.

Generally speaking, and still on that same geographical area of the Marvelous City, Cariocas live more on tradition than an actual bank account. Noses that have been too busy up in the air...

What do they think when they see the bright stars of whichever sport moving up on the ladder all the while knowing that they have tons of money to burn and they, well, no money anymore?

Funnily enough, knowing that people like putting on airs and then having to breathe them back in makes for a "it serves you right" pointing of the fingers. Ha ha!

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