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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

On the Bizarre Case of a Girl Who Had To Be Escorted

Out of the lecture room  by the police, at her university, for wearing a miniskirt and how she  got expelled.

“Whore! Whore! Slut!”

The whole affair happened on the 22 October this year at UNIBAN - Universidade Bandeirante - in São Bernardo do Campo in the greater São Paulo area.

The University’s attorney tried to justify the expulsion of the student by saying the she had provoked the male students: “It is not the clothes. It’s her attitude. By stepping up the stairs, stopping mid-way, and then lifting her skirt”.

The scenes you see in the video above was the object of censure and disbelief. After all, we are in the 21st Century and not in the Middle Ages any more.

What bloggers are discussing in Brazil is the virtual weirdness of the whole affair and how such a prosaic act of wearing a miniskirt should provoke a flood of controversy. one blogger said: “students at Uniban accept, with bovine meekness, institutionalized corruption, extorsive taxes, the students’ union, federal thievery, the procession of scandals, and the moral decomposition of Brazil. What they can’t do is controlling their indignation and tame their wrath if faced  with a young woman with legs on show”.

Another said: “I’m amazed at watching this urban youth in their early twenties. They’re fascistic, hedonists, selfish, retarded to the power of 10.  it’s enough to check the girl’s profile on Orkut. A complete moron, but no different, I’m sure, than her friends at school (Check out the communities to which she belongs: such as ‘I like to cause a scene, so what?’, ‘I’m a blonde, can anyone stand me?’, ‘Stop talking and kiss me quick’, and what not. Which, by the way, gives no one the right to do what they did to her. Specially because they are all like her, identically dazed, unprepared, and witless”. What do you think?


  1. Simply amazing and a bit scary, both the reaction of the students and the university itself. There is a dangerous 'mob mentality' that seems to be spread around the world today - get enough people on your side, and you can expressed all your suppressed anger against a minority who can't really fight back.

  2. It is horrible that something as trivial as a skirt could cause such outrage. I think a lot of this had to do with repressed/not repressed sexism that is still pervasive all over the world. There is still an ever present double standard.