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Saturday, November 7, 2009

On September 11 and Falling Towers and Magnificent Ships

Ten years ago the towers came down. Disintegrated before our very eyes and astonished the world. We are now left with questions as to what happened, really happened,on that fateful morning in the United States.

Lives were lost in the tragedy and we don't know who is behind - masterminded - the flabbergasting event.

We have been told now and again that terrorists were, pardon the pun, on top of it. Granted that. However, there have been rumors that the thing isn't as they say it is. Every inch of the way was calculated by evil minds to advance an agenda heretofore not tried.

True or false we have to learn we are not to believe everything we hear. What we have to do is to think carefully and meditatively on the happenings and reach, if we can, conclusions which may or may not be consonant with the real events.

All this rambling to say that they will ram down our throats anything we are willing to take. However, it is safe to say that anything is better than nothing at all.

The twisted and pulverized debris of the towers is now a magnificent ship: The USS NEW YORK. Giving new meaning to the expression rising above the fray. It is sad and ironical that blood-stained steel is now a war machine...

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