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Monday, November 9, 2009

Still on the Subject of Rio and its Beauties


So you have made up your mind to come and visit, gotten over the ordeal of getting your Brazilian Visa (the American one is doubly difficult in Brazil), has packed up and is excited about the possibilities available in Gay Rio? Here is the skinny on the latest and en vogue in the Sun City.

You have that ageless look, perfect abs and pecs and like going shirtless, then The Week is the place for you to go a-bone-rattling. Hugely expensive. However, you will bump into, literally, celebrities of the Brazilian scene. Saturday it is exclusively for the boys.

You don’t give a rat’s about the above and are happy with who you are, you might want to try Le Boy. At the venerable venue, revelers show their age or pretend that they don’t. From Tuesdays onwards.

Who cares about dancing until the wee hours? I’m looking for something else. You can take that to the bank, there are places you will feel very much at home and I’m told, in transient and yet nice company – could that be gay for pay? Some people do it unashamedly and say that it is none of your business whether they do so or not. And more, there is no accounting for taste…

Ah, gay for pay...  jamais.

Well, you might try, if you go to Ipanema, a much conveniently located venue for the adventurous and nonselective. You don't care because you are in need of relaxation and removing the salt from the waves. .. You will find your own kind ambling to and fro and from floor to floor (tiring!) with roaming eyes…..Sorry, the cabin is busy.

Alternatively, you just want to preen at the beach, stretch and make yourself evident to all (and SUNdry). From Arpoador to Leblon there are assigned stretches of the beach for the Rainbow flag. And within that jurisdiction, you will see, straightaway, the gradations and hues, and they are all lumped together - chronologically.  Birds of a flock…

Oh, this columnist is biased towards gays and their culture. Not really. If you are straight as a rod and fresh out of…name your town….and well, no business with those people, oh, believe you me, you have found paradise. Check a previous post on this blog and what the writer says about those who are unwittingly  “led astray” in the myriad possibilites they find to unlock their, er, repressed urges…………You have to use good sense. Period.

It is statistically proven that if you use rules of good behavior and are extra careful with your belongings, discretion is your motto, then you are in for a one-helluva good time in the most sensual of Brazilian cities. Caipirinha, anyone?


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