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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

They Say Lightning Never Strikes the Same Place Twice

When politicians are unable to answer questions satisfactorily they will resort to subterfuge. Lying, that is.

In Brazil the causes or cause of a major blackout that paralyzed most of the country about a week and a half ago are still a puzzle and they have been blamed on everything but the most plausible reason: A technical failure. One of the responses was that lightning bolts had struck the transmission line three times. Can a lightning bolt strike the same place twice? Or three times? May be in Brazil.

It would all be very much okay if one politician, let us not name names, had not come up with the oddest of possibilities if not the most peculiar: to engage the services of a medium to channel Chieftain Coral Snake. The said spirit is believed to know the answer to the conundrum and set minds at ease. Many minds, mind you.

Will this ever happen again? How certain can we be that we will not be cast in darkness yet again all because of stubborn thunder bolts that strike the same place twice or three times?

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