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Sunday, November 29, 2009

The war on Language. Really, It's Plain to See. Or hear...

It is interesting to see how the Establishment takes over language and makes it a tool for their propaganda machine. It is incredibly pathetic how segments of the political spectrum appropriate common, stock words, and all of a sudden they acquire new meaning.

The word “tea” for example, which is something we drink - and I am well aware of its other use(s) - is now the stuff of debate. I have recently read an article The War on Language by Chris Hedges on Common Dreams and was mystified by how real the business of fashioning, or shaping if you prefer, language and hand it over to people to regurgitate it in spasms or paroxysms – or quite plainly, rants. And from there, people set off in marches and aim to hijack the airwaves thereby polluting our ears with the stupidest of campaigns. I cannot possibly take it.

What is really heartbreaking is the way they do it. Simply by building a case in world forums, they will send to war beardless teens only to be shocked – you should see their faces – when they pay a visit to their specialized hospitals. Seriously, how can you possibly face that limbless creature and keep a straight face? Have you no emotion(s)?

What to my mind is still incredible is the (false) debate supposed to exist between this or that side of the isle. Go tell it to Africans, Latin Americans, the disposessed the world over, who, seriously, see no difference whatsoever in the constant bickering. Are they not asking for more troops to be sent into harm’s way when we all thought, thank heavens, the war was going to end?

We should not touch on the issue of finance. Crisis. People losing their homes. And their savings. Quite frankly, it is so utterly ridiculous, I cannot find words to express it. Where has all the money gone?

I have reached the conclusion that thinking about these matters will not take me anywhere. Unless, of course, I ask Them to stop the planet and let me get off. I know, for a fact, there’s Hubble up there to support my claim that there is a universe of possibilities out there.

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