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Sunday, November 29, 2009

When Someone Dies Because She is a Transsexual

A tragedy that could have been avoided.

"Mike Penner, the veteran Los Angeles Times sportswriter who made international headlines in 2007 when he announced he was transsexual and began working under the byline 'Christine Daniels,' has died.

Colleagues said today that Penner was found dead at his Los Angeles home and that suicide was the suspected cause of death. He was 52".

The above appeared on November 28, on the Los Angeles Times website and below, a few months before...

When someone is trapped inside the wrong body --

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Alternatively, check my own story on the subject:

"...That’s why a psychiatric evaluation has to come before such surgeries to preclude the existence of a psychosis – which may be a contraindication to surgery, but also a reasonable degree of intelligence and emotional stability must be present if the person is to be illegible for surgery. “It’s the psychiatrist who has the final say and there is no other way of helping the patient to find acceptance," the psychiatrist says.

Science says that transsexualism is a gender identity disorder that begins in infancy and is characterized by non-acceptance and distress towards the gender individuals are born with, occurring more often in males than in females. Frequently, transsexuals wish to change their sex and live with a permanent search for games, clothing, and patterns of relationship and occupation with people of the opposite sex.

Transsexualism must be set apart from other disorders of sexual identity such as travestism or homosexuality: transvestites wear clothes of the opposite sex, associated with either bisexual or homosexual behavior without the wish to change their sex; however, homosexuality involves sexual attraction to same sex individuals, without the wish to dress or become the opposite sex... "


  1. Interesting articles and subject matter. It's great to explore ideas that hardly see the light of day in this society. Thanks for posting this and bringing attention to the topic.

  2. In the case above, I wonder whether he/she was really a transsexual, as in "someone trapped in the wrong body"? One doctor said that once you become a woman, things will not change as if in magic, you will have to work just as hard as the next woman to find/keep love. There is no Charming Prince out there.

  3. Most native peoples believe there are more than just two genders. "Two spirit" people were revered and used to occupy special places in society. Sadly many of those traditions are gone, lost with the cultures ravaged by colonization. I think native peoples had it right.