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Monday, November 30, 2009

When They Sign Bills to Commit Genocide

Gay people the world over where a modicum of freedom is available for ALL in society are astounded at the latest news from Africa. Uganda, specifically. It is all about an anti-gay bill that is awaiting President Museveni's signature.

Terrible news indeed when we read on the blogosphere of the impact the said bill will have on everyday people who happen to be gay.

At this point, we should search deep into our consciousness and be grateful we do not have to basically experience such a draconian sweeping of the carpet from under our feet. At the same time, we are left helpless not knowing what to do apart from sharing posts on Facebook or alerting friends that all is not okay with the world. A step or two back in the fight for human rights. Sad, indeed.

To make matters worse, there is a book out there which says that the American religious right is, god forbid, financing the whole thing. As if our fellow human beings, in the United States, did not have a lot on their plate already what with their own more immediate concerns and just claims in the First Nation on Earth. It is heartbreaking.

At times like these, we would only wish they stopped the world so we could get off. We have been told, and again, there is Hubble up there to prove it, there is a HUGE universe out there. We need help, definitely.

Or we should listen to the song below, very, very much

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  1. Mauro, I try to point this out in my blog. No matter how bad many of us in North America/Europe have it, many people, in other regions of the world, are suffering atrocities we can only imagine. Many GLBT fights in other regions of the world are fifty years or more behind or fight. The worst, like in Uganda, hearken back to a very dark time.