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Friday, December 11, 2009

And The Circle of Friends Award Goes To....You Have Been Nominated

What? When? Who? Me? Stan!!! Well I never...

Dear Stan in NH,

Thank you so much for relaying the torch. As we have discussed previously, friendships are priceless and it is not always those who we think are friends who are there listening to us. Sometimes, it takes others to see others.

On being selected, I felt surprised and bit unsure but then I thought "what the heck!", if other people's lenses are cleaner than mine, so be it...

My five topics:

Life, without it I would never have had the chance to be blogging and in touch with such lovely people; Light, for illumining my path and that of others; Love, for being the the all-around balsam that pervades my life and that of others I care about; friendship, a bridge that connects me to like-minded people and finally, good-will, for catapulting me from bed every morning to face a cruel world and for being the staff that helps me carry on in my journey.

I hereby pass the hallowed Circle to the following, my Big Five:

Larry, from great lakes guy

Larry, a huge bossa nova fan, shares the songs he holds close to his heart with me. I have actually opened a folder for his songs.

J.P., from quiehands

J.P. for having the courage to be who he is despite all the hardships he finds in his immediate environment.

Raulito, from trickledownbs

For being pretty much out there duela a quien duela. I do not think he would panic should the world come to and end tomorrow.

Eternally, from eternally distracted

She, or he......for being so vocal and saying, spitting back, rather, the injustices they are heaped on.

Queen of Shiba, from Spilling the Beans being constantly abuzz with things and for having a busy mind.

All my followers are all HuMyn and deserve only the best. My best to all, and again, to Stan, for knowing (and feeling!) a great deal. He is right here, below.


Dear Awardees

You have to choose five people to give the Award to. Also, find five topics dear to your heart to share with your friends.


  1. oh mauro, thank you for those kind words.brazilian music is my passion. you have become a special friend to me.

  2. Congratulations on the award. Both you and the blog are certainly deserving!

  3. Thanks for the kind words. You do deserve to be included in the Circle of Friends. Your blog is all heart, as symbolized by the heart in the center of the circle! By very best wishes and congratulations.

  4. Congratulations on your award Mauro!