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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Commercial Indeed

I tend to take issue at the loose portrayals, sometimes blown out of proportion or frequently downsized to accommodate and to fit pre-conceived parameters, of gay people.

In Brazilian soaps, gay people are often portrayed as raging queens or frivolous beings interested in fashion or the latest hair style. Little is shown of the real life of those who endure in the real world of prejudice and lack of respect. Little is shown or said that gay people pay taxes, go to school, have jobs, and have families.

Watching trailers of A Single Man, by Tom Ford, I have been drawn to the same feeling yet again. What kind of individual is Mr Ford trying to portray? Is it really the lonely person grieving over the loss of his companion? Or is it another propaganda piece to sell his wares? Apart from the main character, shown in his real age, what comes to mind is that again we see what is most prevalent in the gay scene: the eternal youth.

If you haven’t been living in a cave for the last twenty years or so, you will notice that The Pink Market is associated with youth, muscles and fashion. Far from the truth. In gay life, there are all sorts of people who are as normal as your uncle from the next state and who, hello, missed out on his mortgage for lack of funds.

Granted, there are those who follow fashion and have tons of money to burn. All power to them.

However, it would behoove movie directors to reach farther into the community and take examples of life-sized people and give them an and they lived happily ever after ending.

I know you are going to say that the non-descript, run of the mill, filthy nailed, paunched with smoke-tainted teeth slob does not sell in Hollywood. I shy away from those types, too. Nonetheless, there are those who are in between who would fit the bill very nicely, thank you.


  1. First, I wanna say the book by Christopher Isherwood is a brilliant novel. I hope the movie holds to it, but we shall see.

    And I hear you about the movies. Might be why I enjoy the movies of Paul Bright so much. I just reviewed one on my blog the other day. So nice to see people that are more than 25, and not in a big city surrounded by other pretty youths.

  2. You're right about the eternal youth thing. And it is a trend in the gay community, for sure. But it is also a trend in society in general. no one wants to admit that they are getting older and closer to death. SO we try to fight it off by staying young. We're still looking for that fountain of youth we secretly know we'll never find. Hollywood is really only giving us what we want to see. We don't want to be reminded that we might look like that dirty fingernailed, pot bellied, yellow toothed person you describe. We all want to believe that we look like those air brushed models with perfect everything. It's an illusion, just like our believe that youth is eternal!
    Good job on this. I enjoyed your perspective.

  3. you have a lovely blog here, looks like i've got some back-reading to do!


  4. Howard is right. We do not to have to be circumscribed to the daily hollywoodian fare of youth and as Stan puts it nicely "airbrushed models".

    Thank you, the eternal list, for kind words. Been peeking into your blog, too. And following it.