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Monday, December 7, 2009

The "Last Chance" Starts Today in Copenhagen - Is There a Way Out?

On the Environment and Consumerism

In a previous post, we talked about which TV set to buy whether Plasma or LCD. We would come across as apologists for gross consumerism, if we did not mention that whenever we make a decision to buy or discard appliances, we will be directly impacting the environment.

Not only are TV sets, computers, refrigerators, stoves, cell phones, light bulbs and a myriad other electrical appliances discarded in nature harmful to us all but we are running out of space to dump all our toxic wastes.

These products contain highly toxic chemicals such as lead, mercury, nitrogen, chrome, cadmium amongst others. All of these are likely to leach into the soil contaminating whatever is on their way radiating into all corners of our environment.

Of course, we want our businesses to prosper and people buying because that creates jobs and the benefits are obvious. However, we have to develop a conscientious approach to buying in order not only to keep people on their jobs but we have to find ways to re-cast, re-furbish, re-assign, re-use our throwaways.

Don’t you think that is a good thing to do?


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  1. Not only is the disposal of these things very delicate, but how about the disposal of human cadavers? are we also not running out space in cemeteries? Is there not a very prosperous cottage industry of the morbid tradition of burying people? Some even believe that it is "to receive a proper Christian burial"
    My father died ten years ago, and I have for me and mom chosen cremation. We should be remembered in this world by our contributions not by our decaying bodies lying underneath some ornate monument.
    Our only obligation is to leave this world a little better place than we found it.