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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Lula on Screen: Brazil's President as Superhero

Lula on Screen: Brazil's President as Superhero

Our take:

While it is laudable that we should remember the feats of a man who rose from the scrubland to the heights of power and who is fêted by other heads of state, it is a bit too premature for us all to consider him a saint.

We all were very much there for him in the beginning. Even contributing financially for his campaign to gain the Planalto Palace up until we started watching in disbelief as less than kosher fare were the plats du jour in his party.

Also, most of us tend to frown on our President's penchant in siding with the wrong crowd. That said, as is the case, we believe that the masses, if granted access to the film, will tend to gloss over that and go on to elevate the guy to even higher spheres. Unavoidably.

In the article:

"The problem is that portraying Lula as a saint stretches credulity. Brazilians know and admire the man who dragged himself up through poverty to become President of the world's fifth most populous nation. But while the film ends in 1980, the years since have produced a different Lula, the intemperate leader who swears in public and rails at the press for investigating graft, and whose government was tainted by one of the most egregious corruption schemes in Brazilian history."

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