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Friday, December 18, 2009

Mr International 2009 - Fine-toning, Indeed.

This blog could have used BBC's footage for this tongue-in-cheek piece but decided against it on the very lame excuse that it was difficult to locate it on the venerable site...and, unembeddable.

Also, we have decided not to comment about the organizers and neither are we going to say a word (in edgewise) about/against the contestants. We (argh, the editorial "we") know our fellow bloggers to be very capable of reaching conclusions for themselves.

That said, we were very much thinking: screw you, if only you could lay your hands on any of those rehearsing in the video above, you would count yourself lucky. Ah, but they are not our type, except for one specific contestant from way out there who would get our vote anyway. Besides, sweetie, they are not gay, clearly!

Ah, here is the video, waiting to be watched, it is actually the "editor's pick." Were we to be the editor, we would agenda-set this one hands down.

"fine-toning", indeed.