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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Note to My Fellow Bloggers

I have received, publicly and privately, messages of support from people saying how much they enjoy reading my blog. This is really very encouraging. Being able to write a blog in a foreign language is a Dantesque task that I enjoy.

I've got to, constantly, yes, I split infinitives and I don't care, pay attention to the words I am using. Some come out naturally, some are part of my passive vocabulary.

Years reading Time and Newsweek and The Latin American Daily Post (when published) have yielded results. Not to mention the Bible, the Classics and books like The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown and the Romantics all have all contributed to my being able to read and write in English.

Actually, I remember my first words in English: "what's your name? how many brothers and sisters do you have? how old are you and where are you from?" All of these taught to me by an American missionary of a church I am not linked to anymore for obvious reasons...

You can also imagine my elation when I set foot in American territory for the first time a while back. The chance I had to travel across the country and see the country first eyes. All the other subjective impressions will not be told for now.

Well, my readings and get-up-and-go enabled me to have a job as a publishing assistant that involved lots of travelling so, The U.K,The U.S, Germany, and Italy (There is more here that I am not telling you about) are places I have visited many times.

Also the choice of subject matter is something that is not easily come upon. How can I make sense both in Brazil and in the U.S?

Luckily, we all share a common Human Touch that makes us all understand and read, sometimes, between the lines.

Again, thank you so much for your support and do not forget that you, too, have Work to do. We have still to find solutions to a lot of pesky issues that plague us and a lot of living to do. And if we can help the Other with our messages. Let us all strive to keep up the good work.

Paz, Peace, Pax Profunda.


  1. I would never have thought that English was not your first language. I am new here and yours is one of the more positive blogs I have come across.


  2. Love your posts and your style in writing! Thanks for sharing this blog with the rest of us.I, for one, am an avid follower:)
    Keep up the great blogging!

  3. You are doing fine kid...keep it up.
    There are many of us who enjoy your blog.

    Voce está fazendo muito bem rapaz, Tem que seguir, há algums de nos que gostamos mesmo do seu blog.

  4. Your English really is very good; very fluent. Did you study abroad for a while?
    Take care, :-)

  5. Mauro, I'm sure you know, I have always enjoyed your writing. Stan and I were so happy to come across your blog when you satrted. I'm glad that writing for your blog gives you so much pleasure, it certainly gives us pleasure.

    Don't think for a second that your English isn't as good as most in the US. I would dare to say it is better than most. Your writing style is eloquent and has flair. Don't get to see that much here.

    Fighting the good fight, doing the work. Take care Mauro.

  6. Thank you very much guys. Your nice words are fuel to keep me going. I appreciate the attention you bestow on my blog. All the best.