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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

On Over-handed Children and Warm Coats

Still on the Sean Goldman story, we are all very glad that the nightmare is over and that the young man is back with his father in the United States.

The child, who lived in an upscale, gated-community somewhere in the south side in Rio de Janeiro, is all set to begin a new life in completely different surroundings in the suburbs of New Jersey. Quite a move, we add.

On Sunday, the boy’s stepfather went on national television in Brazil to say that the boy had pleaded with him not to be sent back to the U.S. and how the father had been negligent with visiting arrangements. We hear differently from the dad. His constant attempts to see his child were rebuffed. A war of words.

Meanwhile, the grandmother, also on national TV, says that this has been her worst Christmas ever and that she is in mourning. A bit of hyperbole is understandable under the circumstances. Now that she has been parted with her grandson, efforts are being made to retain lawyers in the U.S. to get her to see the child, if at all, and grant the boy the opportunity to see his baby sister, Chiara, who is barely two. No word from the dad yet.

Holiday season over, the American family is said to be arranging for the young child to see psychologists and perhaps hire an English language tutor so that the child can keep up with his studies in his former and now new home. All the while, we are granted a vision of the young child’s former bedroom to see his baby shoes and toys neatly arrayed against a wall. Also, how some neighbor got him a coat to keep him warm in the severe northern cold. Made for TV spectacle.

We have a feeling that the saga is not over just yet. It may be just beginning. It is just that it is the other side now that is experiencing the pain.

The kid once again right smack dab in the middle of it all. We should wish him luck.

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  1. It is a shame the boy seems to be used as some ammunition for some kind of public relations war. Hopefully, he will get to know his American family, and move past the silliness.