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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

On People's Choices on the Blogosphere

When we undertake to write blogs we automatically assume that we are going to be followed by the world, the blog world.

Not so, untold variables come into the mix when people decide whether to follow, or not, this blog for instance.

There are as many different people out there as there are stars, as there are galaxies. In that case, we thank Heavens for diversity. Therein lies the rub. For peope tend to follow sites that resonate with their present state of mind. Present? Yes, people change.

In that blog-bag, we have people that come from extremely repressive countries and they cannot simply write on a blog freely as we do with so much freedom of speech. We can basically say anything we want if we follow rules of good sense, naturally. We will not slander or be accused of libel for we know there are consequences. Lawyers will suck us dry so we bite the bullet.

Other blogs, we have come to learn, are ephebophilic, or put simply, geared towards the admiration (or love) of young men and those are extremely popular. We hazard a guess: some of us live in repressive socio-political systems and we tend to vent by devoting our attention to phallocentric matters. Are we to blame? Surely, from the classical Greek philosophers and literature onwards.

Have you read The Odyssey? Aeneid? A veritable who’s who of the perfect male. A queen, Dido, stabs self and then throws self into the flames and out existence all for the love of an übermensch. The flesh is weak.

Others, we are sure you will agree, are just plain pornographic. Devoted to the sex act pure and simply. Again, people have different motives. We are not here to cast judgement. You always have the option of following one such blog anonymously.

And yet others, we will notice, are people writing of their emotional aches and pains and their not so glowing existence. Join the club. We were not handed a guarantee that this was going to be a bowl of cherries when we came into this world. Some take it majestically, and others fare poorly. That is where their “rambling” and “ranting” come from.

In another extreme, we have those blogs devoted to fundamentalist Christianity and anything short of Christlike is unacceptable. They fail, however, to notice that Christ Himself never said a word against what most of us take for granted. Again, if it rocks their boat, who are we to judge?

Others are so sweet in nature we feel emotional about. Those with wildlife photos. Those with plants and trees. There is beauty everywhere and some, armed with their cameras, take full advantage of it.

If you are wondering why the blogosphere is passing you by, try and think of the above and see in which group you fit in. That way, you won’t be left scratching your head and wondering at other people’s motives for choosing you – or not - or that blog you find unswallowable.

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