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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

On Southern Charms and Beautiful, Unspoiled Beaches

Buenos Aires in Argentina may be ranked as the second most visited city by gay people in the south of the hemisphere. Especially for those who like European charm and feel at home with the porteño friendliness and good deals.

Now, few people know that gay portenõs, I mean, buenos-aireans, choose Florianopolis in the state of Santa Catarina (SC), Brazil, for their Summer holidays. For better deals.

Those are people who have already been to Rio de Janeiro and find that the attraction of Florianopolis lies in its beautiful beaches. If the photo above is anything to go by.

Granted that in Florianopolis you will not find the well-established and organized infrastructure the pink market has grown accostumed to in Buenos Aires but one thing is for sure, the natives of Florianopolis welcome, with open arms, gay and straight alike. After all, pink money has the same worth as everyone else's.

Far from being the glitzy and neon-lighted luxury of the Argentine capital, Florianopolis stands out for being just that, low-key. Visitors will love the charm of walking, flip flops and all, through unspoiled stretches of several beaches that surround the famous island. If that is not enough, there are the continental beaches, just as inviting and enticing as the ones on the island.

Praia Mole (as in soft beach) is the place you will want to go to and, especially to the left-hand side of the beach, to Deca's Bar. This is where brothers and sisters from all over soak up the sun and enjoy one, two, or three caipirinhas. And flirt away.

Further to the left of Praia Mole,you will reach the clothing-optional Galheta beach. A must-go. Online guides do not mention the fact, of course, that seasoned and adventurous beach-goers clamber up a well-beaten track to a hill where, it is known, a lot happens...with the breeze flowing gently from the ocean. Oops!

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Be in with South-American Lingo:

People born in Rio de Janeiro are Cariocas
People born in Buenos Aires are Porteños
People born in Florianópolis are Maneziños
People born in this writer's state - RS, Brazil - are Gaúchos
People born in Porto Alegre, the capital of Rio Grande do Sul, are Porto-alegrenses



  1. Hey, that looks like Paradise! I visited Rio recently, and tourists at the hotel who had been to Florianopolis said it was the place to go, maybe some other time...

  2. Hopefully, you are going to be able to make it to Paradise, Eduardo. I love Florianópolis,

  3. I always have a good time there.