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Friday, December 4, 2009

Pandora Box Two - When Sportsmen Go Bad

Hanky-panky, Fling, Extra-Curricular activity, Two-timing, Playing around.

As is the case with you-all-know-who recently caught red handed. What to say? Nothing.

Things like this happen all the time the world over and there is nothing we can do or say about it. It is none of our business.

We all know that these carefully constructed images of the Family-Man with the lovely wife is a complete sham. Quite frankly, women that fall for that should be sent to an institution.

Speaking of women of easy virtue, obviously you can always shut them up with millions of dollars and please, if you could just kindly disappear for a while and don't just look as if you are the victim for you know very well where you were getting your self into or onto. Even if you hire the best (and vocal) of attorneys to argue your case...

Some women, luckily, very much into their own and smart, take the matter into their own hands...and proceed to act as they always should, with vigor and finesse and quite frankly, give them a taste of their own medicine. I distinctly remember one such woman chopping off her significant other's willie. They say it was sewed back on and at full tilt... no pun.

But should men, sportmen, evangelists and all the others be punished for straying? I do not think so. In light of the latest scientific discoveries, for so I have seen on History Channel - The Seven Deadly Sins - Lust is in our genes. No use fighting against it.

People who think will always say that when these katrina-like bombs explode the children are the ones to suffer. Aren't they? Don't these people think? Of course not, for when the hormones take over, reason takes refuge under the first bed it encounters.


  1. How true that is...but society and religion in particular seem to be hell bent on imposing some sordid and impractical demands on the population I say: you should stay together with your loved one for as long as you love each other. When the love dies or the relationship becomes a pain to maintain then you work on it and try to salvage. But if you see that is not going anywhere, just say your goodbies in a civilized way. People should be with each other because they want to, not because some piece of paper binds them together.


    The above is one very interesting link into Newsweek I found very interesting. All of that in the big ol' U.S.A.