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Monday, December 14, 2009

Pink Buenos Aires?

Few realize that Buenos Aires is fast becoming our preferred holiday destination.

It has been this writer’s intention to expand further on the subject matter for his blog. However, he has not been able to extricate himself from the gay beaten track and ends up talking about, well, gay issues, in most of his posts.

Why don’t you write about the latest women’s fashion? Or, Heavens forbid, the latest political scandal in either your country or your fellow bloggers’? Will do that, sometime.

It so happens that while reading an article in one of Brazil’s leading news and current affairs magazines, Veja, this author came across a very positive story he thinks he should share with his reading public.

It is about the enticing and charming Buenos Aires in Argentina and how porteños, that’s what the natives of the Argentine capital are called, are so gay friendly that Argentina has been the first Latin American country to recognize gay common-law unions. Isn’t it great?

Just about two weeks ago, they were about to materialize the first gay marriage were it not for a last minute glitch having to do with some judge who said, wait! hold your horses, and also Church Power that said: “Gay marriage? No way!”

The very plucky mayor of Buenos Aires, Mauricio Macri, maybe eyeing future elections, posted a video on YouTube saying the hell he would listen to the Church and supported gay marriage instead.

What is interesting in the story was how Buenos Aires is fast becoming a gay mecca what with all of the above plus the fact that they have Tango Night just for gay couples…imagine that. And that this wealthy market niche finds in Buenos Aires all the reasons they should not go to Kampala, Uganda, par example.


According to The International Gay & Lesbian Travel Association, this is where we love to spend our dough, in order of importance:
Berlin, Buenos Aires, Madrid, Barcelona, Miami, Montreal, Cape Town, New York, San Francisco, Rio de Janeiro, Sydney.

In Buenos Aires, 20% of foreign tourists are gay and the pink market accounts for 1.1 billion US$ in revenues in 2008, plus the fact that they have over 200 hundred “gay-friendly” businesses and one exclusively gay hotel, The Axel. Ah, The Gay Chamber of Commerce is open for business.

Anyone to tango?

" favor of freedom..."


  1. Wow, Mauro this was an enlightening piece. I had no idea we spent that much pink money in Buenos Aires. I knew Berlin was at the top of the list. In fact, the mayor of Berlin was just talking about that yesterday.

  2. I've been there and have nothing but glowing reviews.