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Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Sean Goldman Controversy: Memories of Elián González

The Sean Goldman Controversy: Memories of Elián González

It is not because Brazilians like "tweaking" Americans that this elianesque debacle is dragging on. It simply is because that the boy's stepfather is very well placed in the upper echelons of Brazilian society and that the judges have no alternative but to accommodate these stalling judicial measures perpetrated by the boy's grandmother, for example.

It may very well be that the nanna wants to see her grandson "well-placed" in the self-aggrandizing society where they are inserted rather than seeing her son growing up, shall we say, in New Jersey.

The young boy is Brazilian too and they say that he should be heard. Granted. Is he not a bit too young to be able to decide over this or that?

Obviously, for a dad, the latest developments in the case are hard to swallow. We are of the opinion that the kid should return to his father and leave the country in his relatives' good graces. Then again, they have their version of the whole drama.

These people are not thinking about the boy a few years down the road. Who knows who he might end up choosing, if any of them, at all?


  1. They are more than well placed in Brasilian society. They have "broken" even Brasilian law with impunity.They prevented the cases which was international kidnapping case in the Hague, from being heard in federal court where those cases belong. Instead, not with influence, but with fraud, he got insiders to push the case to the court of Rio which is influenced by his family. Oh, that's right, he was there to begin with and not a johnny come lately to the scene. He was into the case from the day they landed in Brazil. If you cheek the family backround, they have known each other all of the lives.They waited an appropriate time(as in all aristocratic societies) to 'announce' their finding of each other.

    They used their influence in the local courts to keep the father from contact with his son. For 4 years Bruna and him used whatever means to convince Sean that his father had no interest in him. They hung up the phone when he called they sent back gifts and intercepted letters, which they have done recently again.

    The step-father failed to tell the court (or colluded with "friends" on the court") that his wife of 10 months was DEAD, when he attempted, one day after her death to alter the birth certificate of Sean to erase the father name and insert his own.
    It has turned into a popularity contest and imagine people now saying the poor step-father had to pay the everything for Sean with out support of the David!!!! JA'

    I feel very sorry that some people think it is a Brasilian thing...most of us believe Sean belongs with his father and are embarassed that these people are bringing to everyone contempt.

    I only care that Sean can go back to David where he belongs and those criminal Lins e Silva slink back to the hole they came from and take along with them the Quadrifoglio cook.

  2. There are hardly any similarities between this case and that of Elian's. To begin with, Elian's mom lost her life trying to get him to freedom. Then the father in Cuba was in agreement with the uncle in the states that he should remain. It wasn't until an article appeared in The Miami Herald that the Cuban government started to stirr shit up and pressured the father to demand the boy's return. The rest we all saw develop on TV.
    I was on a flight from Paris and sat next to sister McClaughlin who sponsored the grandmothers when they came to see Elian. What she told me was unreal. The manipulation, the pressures from the Castro government where they had to go into the other room to receive phone calls from Cuban officials, and there is a lot more I don't have the time to discuss.
    good blog, keep it up

  3. Sadly, the judiciary of most countries show the same favoritism to 'patrons' who have the money and power to make the lives of others better. All the while, they pretend it is the child who is being taken care of, while it is often furtherst from the truth.

  4. There is no telling what "influence" can achieve. The strings it can pull. Anonymous above presents one side of the story we suspected was there but were afraid to ask.

    As with Elián, this whole drama is unfolding before our very eyes on TV. Heartfelt appeals from both sides. I remember when the "abuelitas" arrived in Miami and when Janet Reno ordered the boy removed from the Miami-Cuban relatives and sent back to Cuba. I was there.

    Howard, how right!We, thinking creatures, are left to just watch in disbelief as injustice is meted out. Isn't DNA evidence now freeing people from prison in the United States? Everywhere we look we see one form or another of favoritism.