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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Should the Child Stay in Brazil? He will

This writer is of the opinion that the young man should be returned to his father immediately. After all, he had been brought to the country for a two-week holiday by his mother, never to return. For the mother decided to stay and then proceeded to divorce her former husband, and the boy's father, David Goldman.

The possibility that the child should be asked whether he wanted to stay or return to the United States to be with his father has been aired. That is not clear in court papers.

Sean's fate is now in the hands of the Brazilian judiciary. And that may take a long time to unravel. We learn today that after giving the father hope yesterday that the child was to be returned in 48 hours, The Supreme Court has just decided that the child is to remain in Brazil.

Most people have reacted in favor of the father. Who wouldn't? It so happens, many think, that the court has been swayed by the stepfather's influential connections. We should never admit that publicly but bloggers out there are saying just that.

Meanwhile, we feel for all those involved and especially for the young kid who has been the object of this tug-of-war between father and stepfather.

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  1. I also think the kid should be returned to his father