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Thursday, December 17, 2009

When Needles Are Stuck in Your Body & You Are a Child

Swift and slow, that’s the way Brazilian Justice works.

In the former post where the case of the American child is dragging in high courts, where a child’s fate is to be decided on appeal. Yet another, where the child is the object of, unbelievably, black magic.

A young kid’s body has been found to have about 40 sewing-needles stuck into various parts of his torso in a ritual, it is thought, to simply take revenge on the child’s mother. The stepfather is the chief suspect with a little help from two other women. This happened two days ago in the state of Bahia, north of Rio de Janeiro.

Temporary imprisonment has been issued and the three are in custody.
The boy is said to be in a stable condition and is breathing without the help of respirators, fortunately.

The two-year-old kid is now to be transferred to another specialized facility where two needles too close to his heart have to be removed.

We are all watching incredulously at the gratuitous violence perpetrated against a defenseless child.