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Friday, December 4, 2009

What If Everything We Thought We knew Was Wrong

AIDS – The Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome – is always in vogue. Especially at this time of the year when we "celebrate" World AIDS Day on December, 1st.

In the United States, we read in the news, HIV positive travelers can now enter the country without fear of being sent back because some law they had has been repealed. Great.

Interestingly enough, AIDS, this seven-headed monster, is many things to many people. Yes, in the world there are those who strictly believe that is HIV is the main causative agent that leads to the horrible disease and there are those who say, BS, HIV is not the cause of AIDS at all.

The former is referred to as the AIDS orthodoxy and the latter as the AIDS denialists, pure and simply. As with everything in life, there are many shades of gray and the AIDS “denialist” movement is split in two: those who follow Dr Peter Duesberg at Berkeley saying that HIV is just a harmless, passenger virus and those who follow the Perth Group in Australia that says that HIV has never been proved to exist or has even been isolated, that is, according to scientific standards and all other things this humble writer is unable to explain.

When asked how they explain the existence of AIDS for there is no denying that the disease is out there and claiming lives, as we speak, denialists will say that this disease is caused by other factors other than the harmless or non-existent virus, factors such as: gay people in the 80s living in the fast lane and what with all the “chemicals” that they consumed and nutrition-poor diet prevalent in the United States taking a toll on their bodies; drug-addicts doing, well, drugs; and, trepidation, unprotected (or protected!) anal sex. The point being that semen when in contact with the rectal wall and everything will tend to cause immune dysfunction anyway. How many of our lesbian friends have AIDS?

Africa, you say? The dissidents say that the problem of basic infrastructure and malnutrition is, well, responsible for many other diseases and AIDS in the old Continent. Period. Give them food and get rid of common variety bugs and problem solved.

Obviously now AIDS is a multi-billion dollar business and there are many interests involved so far into the whole construct. Were it not for some bright minds trying to raise the alarm and, where there is smoke there is fire, it would be to everyone’s best interest that both sides of the argument get together with a common goal: eradicate the disease pronto.

While that does not happen, we are all here at their mercy and hanging on their every word. Meanwhile, this writer would appreciate if any of his buddies in the U.S. would send him a copy of The House of Numbers, just out, and causing a stir in those circles where it matters. Anyone?

Or this one, a rehash of what has already been claimed for years that HIV is NOT the cause of AIDS.

For World AIDS Day from nicole zwiren on Vimeo.

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  1. Most of those who are deniying are is a virus and it can be subdued with medicines, very expensive medicines; and as long as it is profitable for the pharmaceutical companies, no cure will be found for HIV.