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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

When Antagonism Reigns and Evil Takes Over

When forces we can only call evil conspire to make the world the worst place for humankind, there is not very much we can do but to watch incredulously as another set of coordinated bombings rock the already war-scarred Iraq.

The money pull that comes from natural resources is so powerful that human beings, full ratiocinating creatures, lose their collective conscience and act, quite frankly, like reptilians, on impulse.

It is unconscionable, disingenuous, asinine, for lack of other terms, to see that when vested interests are at work, they will do anything to advance their agenda. No matter what.

In that besieged area of the planet, we hear and read in the news, money-power talks and all they care about is, if you kindly allow us to say so, which city has the tallest building, or the biggest source of this or that.

The lives of ordinary human beings have no value at all. A liability perhaps standing on their way. So let us detonate bombs!

Perhaps if they would invest more on education and teach those who inhabit those arid lands that the world is a big place with lots of people and that those people have their beliefs and that is perfectly all right to agree to disagree on religious terms, if only one common human message of peace and construction were prevalent amongst all peoples. Then, yes, the world would be a better place.

Instead, what we hear and see in the news are some in the establishment making use of people’s frailest emotions when they lack water, food, jobs, adequate housing to propagate what we can only term hatred. That can be seen in our side of the pond, as well.

Could this be the dark side of Capitalism? Writing this is no picnic in the park. How sad.


  1. How true those words. I couldn't have said it better. I always rant on my blog about things like this and I have come to some sordid conclusions. Not only is the almighty dollar more important than humanity but the uncontrolled ambition has given way to widespread greed and greed has no conscience.
    Look at a place like Dubai, where excesses abound and look at the United States where instead of democracy it has become a welfare state for the very rich and the corporations.
    well, enough of my your blog and I am very impressed at your erudite way of expressing yourself, even if English is as it is with me, a second are doing great.

  2. Your words are very true but if you think it is bad now...wait till we start fighting over water.

  3. Mauro, beautiful post and sadly very true. The flames of hatred are being fueled by the world's wealthiest in order to keep us apart and so we don't work together or achieve any measure of peace. That would be bad for profits and would destabilize their control.

    JP is very right. If we think what we are doing to each other now is bad, wait until we don't have water to drink or grow food.