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Monday, December 7, 2009

Xmas Trees and All That Dazzles

It is that time of the year again when Brazilian cities begin their preparations for what Christians believe is the Birth of Christ.

Thousands were on hand to witness the lighting of the trees in both Porto Alegre and Rio with hangers-on jostling to have their pictures taken at the base of the tree in Porto Alegre and, from a distance in Rio, for that tree is floating on Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon.

Brazil, being a Catholic country, is immersed in the Ideology and, of course, businesses have pinched in to make this a memorable occasion.

The tree on the left is in Porto Alegre, RS, and the one below, is in Rio de Janeiro. The one at the bottom of the page is in São Paulo.

Enjoy! Ah, Merry Christmas!

And this one, right here below, is in São Paulo - Ibirapuera Park.


  1. Mauro, both are exceptionally beautiful.

  2. Very stylized! Interesting, to say the least. Rio's seems quite nice on the water, and Porto Alegre's seems to hover above the city.

  3. Thank you, Guys. Will keep posting as they become available at the Source, I mean, Google.

  4. Not one person will even admit that holiday trees are a left over from a pagan tradition or ritual born in the northern European region. It has been adopted by Christians but it has nothing to do with Christ or his birth. How sad that we chose to celebrate the birth of a wise man and a few months later morbidly idolize him dying nailed to a cross. That is morbid and sick.

    keep up this blog, you are just terrific.