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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Children Removal from Haiti - Is This Trafficking?

From: Associated Press

Our bit:

Do please remove God from your rhetoric. Truth itself is sovereign and if you did really have a mind to do good to the children by bussing them to ANOTHER country, you would have gone through, or at least tried to, the proper channels regardless of the perilous state the Haitian kids and state are in.

Missionaries have no carte blanche to do what they see fit especially when it comes to FOREIGN children. It is a NO NO. Children are CHILDREN. We all know the ISSUE to the core and OF COURSE you will run into trouble.

Missionaries SHOULD stay away from kids and obviously this will develop into a MONSTER story. In this case, realizing later that additional documentation was necessary just won't cut it.

Unconscionable behavior, to say the least.


  1. this is so wrong......i know Haiti is in a crises but things like this should not be happening. Christians will do stuff like this - and claim they are anointed to this but this is wrong - legally.

  2. If they love them so much, feed them and clothe them. Don't take them away from their home! Such arrogance these missionaries have!

  3. Don't the say that the path to Hell is paved with good intentions? This is wrong.

  4. Arrogance and patronizing of foreigners in Haiti, should be condemned.

  5. Aren't they answering Jesus' Call? If they are, then, there is nothing we can say. CNN tells us that they are to be extradited to the U.S. for trial.