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Friday, January 8, 2010

How's Your Old Ticker?

No, I'm neither interested in your state of health nor if you are visiting your physician regularly. Naw, nope. But you should.

Buzz. Buzz. Gossip. It so happens that this writer attended a farewell party last night because one of his friends is moving back to the United States now that the pace is picking up again. Wonderful. Let us all wish him well.

Guests arrived promptly at nine p.m and everything ran smoothly. The hosts were very charming, there was bubbly, sodas and beer and things guests could nibble on. And talk about.

All very much in hushed tones because none of the guests would ever like to be in their subject's shoes. Actually, it was very funny if not tragic. The thing is, one of the guests let everyone know, a bit before the "polite company" had arrived, really, that one nasty incident happened at one of these bath houses. Yes, siree. Those in which you find "talent"...gorgeous talents at times, brawny and pea-brained. That does not matter.

The one client, once in the room with his hire, and right smack in the middle of it all, shudder.. gave up the ghost. A heart attack, they say. The client, married heterosexually - so they say, was removed stiff out of the bed.

I can imagine the trauma caused to the poor creature liasoning with the gentleman...not to mention the fright...and plus the scandal one such event must have caused to the family of the deceased.

A sober reminder for us all to get our regular check-ups and watch most carefully our health so that, heavens willing, we should by-pass such a fate.

Make sure you phone that doctor.

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