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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

On Disaster Relief to Haiti

It is heartbreaking that an earthquake should hit an already impoverished country.

Urgent efforts to get relief to the nation in ruins is of utmost importance. People should unite behind a common goal to make donations and, if necessary, help to rebuild the country.

In the scheme of things, most people are aware that Haiti lags far behind many of its neighboring nations in the Caribbean in terms of infrastructure and social justice.

Cynics say that because Haiti has nothing to offer the world at large as opposed to Brazil, an emerging market, it has been relegated to a mere point in the sea, practically ostracized and deeply involved in internal conflict.

I would suggest people in the U.S. and Latin America to donate the cost of one of their trips to the movies, popcorn, sodas and tickets at the multiplex and make the money reach Haiti.

Naturally, as it so often is the case, most disaster relief goes through the wrongs hands and those who are really in need end up getting nothing. A credible international organization should oversee the whole transaction. Immediately.

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