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Monday, January 18, 2010

Luxury Cruise Ships Still Stopping At Haiti

Luxury Cruise Ships Still Stopping At Haiti’s Private Beaches

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From: Matador


"Beyond the incredulous decision of the cruise line to encourage tourists to “cut loose” in Haiti at such a moment is the wider implication the decision holds. If the tourism industry – specifically, the cruise industry and the luxury resorts it relies on – can embrace such a stark and obscene dichotomy at a time like this, what does the future hold?"

"Never mind that there have been major protests against the privatization of the beach and the fact that Haitians not serving a cocktail to a cruise goer are banned from entering; never mind that the vast majority of Haitians receive almost no economic benefit from Labadee other than the hope that they’ll someday be among the select few picked from the mass of cheap labor to work at the resort, never mind that a chunk of their natural wealth has been partitioned off for frolicking tourists. Never mind that these resorts follow the same model of privatization that impoverished the country in the last two centuries."


No comments. I do not have the expertise to dish out critical comments on such an obscene realization. Gods, the lengths they will go to... I'm so naïve. I need a lesson in rugged capitalism.


  1. Sure the company is showing how low they are for doing what they are doing, but I have to think that the tourist who wants to live in the lap of luxury while people are dying from the lack of medical attention, food and water just the other side of the fence, has got to be even scummier than the cruise lines.

  2. Wth!
    They still stopping @ Haiti even after what has happenend?
    They think of emselves - selfishness.

  3. Mauro, I wish I was surprised it is business as usual for both the cruise lines and the passengers, but I'm not. I'm pretty sure neither care about the suffering of people they don't know. They didn't care before the quake and nothing has changed. Truly heartless.

  4. As Kyle said....they're heartless...
    I can't believe that I cried when I watched the TV...and cried more when a loved one lost his life there...
    Some people are still thinking in having a great time...but others would do anything to help...
    I dislike this type of people...

  5. Hi,

    The fact that Royal sea cruise lines are easing docking luxury voyage ships at Haiti’s privatized beaches is grotesque. The voyage ships and the use are helping the topical economy, there is also a higher chance of befriending the small luxury cruise line's crew since there are only a number of them. Thanks a lot...

  6. It does help the local economy, Carter. Now, at the time,things were really miserable for all concerned and ships should have shown a bit of discernment. Thanks for your comment.