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Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Man Who Could Beat AIDS

The Man Who Could Beat AIDS
From TIME Magazine

Poor HIV has broad shoulders. After two decades and a half of beating scientists to the finish line we read of yet another 'inroad' into the mysteries of the pernicious bug.

One HIV great, A 1996 TIME person of the year honoree, David Ho, has been looking into "a new agent called ibalizumab, an antibody that appeared able to block HIV's entry into healthy cells." (TIME)

So far it "appears able" and up until it IS able without noisome side effects to those who are administered the agent, we would rather take the cynical view that HIV will remain the behemoth viral threat up until the moment folks decide to take their health into their own hands and do the best for themselves. It is a fact, some of us know, that people still live in the "fast lane" as the "AIDS denialists" claim. And that there is only so much your body can take. Period. Who are you kidding?

Good health and peace of mind is tricky business and, pardon the cliché, an uphill battle. The plain truth. Isn't it easier to pop a pill? In the case of HIV, er, a handful of them! Of course it is.

Let us all be on the safe side, join us please, and cut down on, or quit altogether, whatever you are doing you know is harming you. Shall we make a list? No, uncalled for and unpleasant. Who said it was going to be easy?


  1. Ho can go home already and enjoy his golf tournament in sheer serenity with the King of "HIV" Luc Montagnier, since Montagnier's indirect admission of "HIV" denialism and taking away "HIV"'s magical capabilities to leap tall building's all ya gotta do is eat your protein shakes, load up on hot chocolate and your veggies and the phantom bug will simply rid the body within a few weeks.

    The House of Numbers will hit Brazil like mountain of bricks real soon , and AIDS srehturT will probabbly foreclose on their pretty fancy houses pretty soon.

    ciao bello

  2. I'm actually waiting to see it, Tomás. Cheers!